Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Writing a Job Search Thank You Letter With These Ten Tips

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You think you are done with the entire job search process. You have written the perfect resume and cover letter and had a great interview. Now you think your part is done, and all you have to do is wait for the interviewers decision. This is where many job seekers fall short... they do not follow up after the interview. Regardless of how smoothly you think everything went, you need to continue your job search campaign. Take action and write a Thank You letter to increase your chances of receiving a job offer.
In our technological and fast paced society, this old-fashioned courtesy is often overlooked. Your Thank You letter should briefly reiterate your selling points and outline how you can add positively to value to the organization.

Here are 10 pointers...
Keep it Simple. Do not go overboard with your thankfulness - limit your Thank You letter to one page. Employers do not have the time to waste on idle chit chat.
Refer to the Interview. Mention an important detail of your discussion, this shows your attention to detail and will help them to remember you.

Prompt Delivery. You should send out your Thank You letter right after your interview... at least within 24 hours. If you wait too long, you may have already been placed to the bottom of the pile.
Use Professionalism. Do not handwrite your Thank You letter. It should be typed and printed on a very good quality paper just like your resume and cover letter. No colored or flowery prints.
Reiterate Your Assets. Make sure you reemphasize your skills to reassure them of any doubts they may have about your ability to get the job done.
Add Additional Details. If you forgot to mention a relevant quality you have, make sure you mention this in the Thank You letter.

Unique and Individual. As in everything in life, when you are yourself you will come across more confident and honest. You will achieve nothing by copying and pasting a sample Thank You letter off of the internet. When you dedicate yourself to putting in the extra effort in the interview process, you are sending the message that you are willing to go the extra mile.

Contact Information. Make sure you include all of your contact information, such as email, home and cell numbers... you can use the same letterhead as your resume and cover letter. This easily allows the prospective employer to get in touch with you.

Edit. Once you have written the Thank You letter, make sure you proofread it. Let someone else review it, because sometimes another set of eyes will pick up an error otherwise missed.
Close with Appreciation. Make sure you let the prospective employer know that you are thankful they took the time out to interview you.

This simple Thank You letter that you write and send may be the difference between getting the job and almost getting it.

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