Monday, January 21, 2013

Video CVs Making Interview Process More Efficient

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The interview, according to Seth Godin, is a "five minute sniff test' - an inefficient usage of time, money and man-power. The Video CV, acting as a brief introduction, or bio, seems to be the answer in saving both recruiter and candidate valuable time and effort.

Godin suggests that you can learn everything you need to about a candidate within the first 5 minutes, effectively wasting the rest of the hour you spend interviewing them:

"If you do five minute initial interviews, you can interview 12 times as many people for each job opening. This initial filtering takes precisely as much time as your wasted one-hour approach, but dramatically increases the chance you'll find someone you actually have good pheromone and body language connection with."
This, still, requires an awful amount of work and time to interview so many candidates. A Video CV is not only an advantageous addition to the applicant's CV, but a time- and resource-saver for the employer too.
A Video CV is a brief, 30-60 second introduction to the applicant - giving an insight into their qualifications and attributes, but also allowing the employer to gauge a sense of their personality - one of the most important aspects when it comes down to choosing a candidate.

Video CVs are an energy efficient way to begin the interview process - allowing those initial judgements to be made remotely, even internationally. Candidates can present their skills, their capabilities (for example, the ability to speak another language fluency, or a confidence in public speaking) and a sense of who they are, in a handy link sent along with their paper CV.

With the job market looking ever more dire, both recruiters and applicants need to find a mutually beneficial way of making sure that the right person gets the role they deserve. Candidates need to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Employers need to save time and resources in their search for new staff. Video CVs are the answer.

However, be warned! An amateur attempt, posted on YouTube or similar, is unlikely to impress, and could even be detrimental to your cause. For just £10, AccendoCV provides you with a simple and helpful tutorial to get started creating your own Video CV. To make the most of your new addition to your CV repertoire, AccendoCV also offers secure hosting of your Video CV, including a personalised career website, lending it a professional feel and showing employers that you are taking your career management seriously.

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