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Police Officer Oral Board Panel Interview Questions and Answers

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If you want to become a cop unfortunately you'll have to face the oral board panel. You see you'll have to answer questions like "why do you want to become a police officer" or what's your biggest weakness/strengths. Those type questions shouldn't be hard to answer at all. The questions that are a bit tough are the scenario base questions.
Here's a typical scenario base question that you'll have to articulate to the panel your next course of action.
Sample interview question:
Q. You are on patrol responding to a fight in progress. Dispatch informed you that the complainant indicated that one of the males involved in the fight is extremely intoxicated, and is refusing to leave the bar. You arrive at the scene known as Terry's bar and tavern. You quickly assess the situation and notice that the fight has stopped prior to your arrival.

As you turn to leave, you notice a male subject to be screaming and yelling at the bartender. You approach the male, and informed him that he had to leave. The male refuse your verbal commands and stood in a fighting stance, while advancing towards you with his fist clinched. what would you do next?

A. Unholster your firearm and shoot the male
B. Engage the male physically and hope that you win the fight
C. Disengage the situation and walk back to your car until backup arrives
D. Verbally instruct the male to stop walking towards you, and have your non-lethal weapon (baton or taser) in hand.
The correct answer is D. You must give the male subject clear verbal commands to stop advancing towards you before escalating to the next level of force. In this case, you would not be justified in shooting the man as you have other non-deadly options like a baton or a taser at your disposal to subdue male.

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