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Phone Interview Etiquette and Tips

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There is a lot of difference in attending a face to face job interview and a telephonic job interview. A face to face interview gives you an opportunity to read and understand the interviewers body gestures and tone. To see whether or not he is buying what you are saying or if he is distracted. In case he is distracted and paying attention to other things like his blackberry or glancing at the ceiling this is a clear indication that you are loosing on the interview.

But during a phone interview neither the interviewer nor you can see each other everything is interpreted as per the vocal tone you use during the interview. Your voice and confidence during the phone interview will decide whether or not you are going to ace the interview and reach to the next hiring round. Here we have listed down a couple of phone interview tips and etiquettes that can come in handy for you to ace the job interview like a pro.

Must Know Phone Interview Etiquettes:
• Arrange for a quiet area in your house to attend the phone interview. You would not like to interrupt the phone call because of some distractions at home.
• If you have a pet like dog or cat at home. Make sure that during the phone interview they are outside the house or at least somewhere where their sounds could not reach the phone.
• For a telephonic job interview, it is always a good idea to avoid cell phones. Go for a landline instead. In a cell phone there could be several network interruptions, while in a landline connection chances of just network issues are less. Frequent distractions during a phone job interview give negative impression. Plus the interviewer starts losing interest.
• Yes! It is a good practice to know common phone interview questions and be prepared in advance. But their could be nothing worse than sounding on the phone as if you are reading the answers, or may be you have recited your answers. Even if you have written down the answers to common phone interview questions, sound natural and not fake.
• Always have a pen and paper ready while attending the phone interview. So that you don't have to fumble while the interview is going on.
• I am of a personal opinion that you should always keep your resume in clear view while the phone interview is going on. Prior to the interview, jot down supporting pointers next to your key skills and work experiences. So that you do not have to think on how to support your answer when the actual interview is going on.
• Always keep your cell phones and other distracting instruments and devices switched off. There is nothing more important than the current phone interview, which would help you ace the interview and reach the next level.
• Make sure that you voice sounds enthusiastic and cheerful. No one liked hearing a lame and not so interested tone.
• Smile, Smile and smile. Though the interviewer can't see you on the phone but your smile and nice mood will reflect in your toning.
• Always keep a glass of water ready or if you want have a cup of coffee ready. You never know how long the interview could be stretched.
• Attire plays a very important role not only in face to face interview, but also during telephonic interview. Simply because, the way you dress is exactly the way you feel. Giving interview in pajamas will make you feel chilled out and you will be unable to get into the professional mode. Before a telephone interview it is always a good practice to take bath and get ready in professional attire. To feel more professional and relaxed.
• The most important thing to remember in a telephone job interview is avoid slangs. Forged slangs and dislodges will be noticed and leave a negative impression.
• Avoid doing your internet research about the company while the interview is going on. In a pin drop silence room even the tapping of the keys could be heard on the phone. This would give an impression that you are distracted and not paying attention on what is being said.
• Smoking and chewing gums should be strictly avoided during phone interview.
• Listen carefully and do not interrupt the interviewer while he is speaking in haste of outing your pointy forward. Let him complete what he is saying observe the information and than come up with your point. It is OK to take 2 to 3 minutes extra in thinking what you have to say.

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