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net interview preparation questions and answers

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What is .Net?
.Net is software which is developed by Microsoft.
From .Net we can create softwares, application, web portals, web services, silver light application, and web sites
.Net provides tools for programmer or developers  to create all software related application (tools like ajax,grid,sql connection,html button , textbox, hyperlink and lots more).It enables to create stable and secure software development application

FAQ on .Net Interview Questions and Answers by

1      What is .Net Framework?
.Net Framework which includes base class libraries which provides user interface, database connectivity, web application tools etc
.Net Framework also includes CLR (Common Language Runtime) on which .Net program executes and provides functionality
2      What is .Net Architecture?
.Net Architecture is a Combination of
CLR (Common Language Runtime)
CTS (Common Type Specification)
Base Class Libraries
.Net tools
3      What is view state?
View State is a state management in .net. Its help to store information of data type and objects
4      What is Session State?
Session state is also state management but it helps to store and retrieves information for particular session.
5      What is Design Pattern?
Design patterns are reusable solution to software design problems you find again and again in real-world application development. A design pattern is not a finished design that can be transformed directly into code
Types of Design Pattern
  1. Adapter Pattern
  2. Flyweight Pattern
  3. Facade Pattern
  4. Decorator Pattern
  5. Iterator Pattern
  6. Bridge Pattern
  7. Template Pattern
  8. Proxy Pattern
  9. Prototype Pattern
  10. Builder Pattern
  11. Observer Pattern
  12. Strategy Pattern
  13. Command Pattern
  14. Interpreter  Pattern
  15. Mediator Pattern
  16. Memento Pattern

Structural Pattern
Structural Pattern uses object composition. Structural Pattern uses inheritance to define new functionality of object
Behavioral Patterns
This Pattern deals with object communication
6      . What is Global Assembly Cache (GAC)?
GAC stores assemblies that stores assemblies specifically designated to be shared by several applications on the computer.
7.   What is an ADO.NET?
ADO.Net is a .Net software component used by developers to able to access database through sql server
7      . What are Generics?
Generics which is introduced in .Net Framework 2.0 which has ability to create list type safe collections
8.  Modes of Authentication in Web config file
1 .Form
2. Passport
3. Windows
9.  What is three tier architecture?
Three tier architecture is basically divided into three parts 1st is UI or user interface 2nd is Business Login where you write only your application login 3rd is a datalayer for database
10. What is Dataset?
Dataset is disconnected architecture.  It usually loads data in tabular form or xml form

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