Sunday, January 20, 2013

Job Interviews - How To Ace A Sequential Panel Interview

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The sequential panel interview is when they sit you in a conference room and send in anywhere from 3 to 6 or 8 people in to interview you one at a time. There are 2 keys to this type of interview. The first is stamina - get plenty of rest the night before and don't plan on doing anything that night. And take every coffee and bathroom break they offer. Also, you will, of necessity, be asked some of the same questions time after time.
Work at varying your wording so your answers don't sound canned. And the second key - if you use a success story with one person and the same story, from a different angle, is appropriate in talking to another person, tell the second person that you have already discussed this situation from a different angle and with whom so that, when they compare notes they won't be confused. And they will be comparing notes afterwards and make sure you are consistent. You don't want one of them to say "well, that's not what she told me". So nip that possibility in the bud.

Finally, be sure to thank each person individually with a personalized email the day of the interview and a follow-up hand written note within 24 hours . If you can refer to the conversation you had together, that really gives you a plus. Hint: make notes in your car before you leave so you keep who said what straight.
A final thing to remember about most types of interviews is that the interviewer may be a brilliant and talented in what they do - but interviewing isn't what they do. As a hiring manager, the amount of time they spend interviewing people to fill open positions is tiny and that means that, when it comes to interviewing, they are amateurs. Unless, of course, they are in Human Resources, and you shouldn't be talking to them anyway unless there is no way around it. Unless the position is in HR, the HR representative can only say "no". It is the hiring manager who can say "yes".


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