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Job Interview - Tips For a Great Interview

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The key to a good job interview lies in the prep work leading up to the interview. When you walk in prepared you will automatically be more confident, friendly and give a great first impression.
"So how does this preparation help me and what do I have to do to be prepared" you ask. Always begin your preparation by putting yourself in the interviewer's shoes. What are they looking for in their next hire. Consider the skills required, the environment, the type of work you would be doing, the people you would be in contact with in this position, the company's history, goals and mission.

Compare your skills to those in the job description
You are on your way to an interview so you must have some sort of match or they wouldn't have called you. So your review in this area is to be prepared to answer the skill questions and how your background and experience matches that of the job requirements. Consider your strengths and be prepared to share the value you bring to this position - it might be years experience, awards you've received, major accomplishments or dollars you have saved the company. You also don't want to overlook the areas where your skills may be a little short of their needs. Be prepared to discuss how you intend to develop this skill and the timeframe it would take.
Employers like to see an honest self assessment but just as importantly your proactive approach and realistic goals to overcome any shortfalls is important for you to be prepared to address if the question comes up.

Consider the Environment
You may wonder what the environment has to do with your interview - it is actually a real factor in many hiring authorities mind when they make their selection. They need to know that you will fit in well with their company culture, size and personality. The personality is probably more important in small companies than in large ones.
Do your research on the company by visiting their website, are they a small company that treats its employees like family with company picnics and events. Are they all business? See if you can find their mission and vision statements. Knowing more about the company may also help you decide if it is the right fit for you as well.

What is the actual work you will be doing
Seems like a no brainer but you really need to think about this one from the hiring authorities point of view. If more than 50% of the work is outside of your expertise you need to be prepared to share why you are a good fit - passion for this type of work, desire to move in this direction and show how you have been preparing for this. If more than 50% of the work is exactly what you have been doing then you can really leverage your experience and accomplishments with your previous employer.

Company History, Goals and Mission
When you walk into an interview with a good understanding of the company you will be better prepared to ask intelligent questions about the industry and the company. Many applicants fail to do research so you immediately put yourself above the majority of your competition.
Researching a company before an interview tells the hiring authority that you are serious about the job and the company - You're not just looking to fulfill your unemployment criteria. It also displays your intellect and ability to understand the company direction.
Preparation is the key to a solid interview. As you continue this exercise you will find yourself more prepared for each interview and more confident. The hiring authority will see and hear your confidence in your voice and answers which will put you miles above your competition. As a recruiter and career counselor I can guarantee you that practice and preparation is the key to beating your competition!

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