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Interview Tips - Taking Control of Your Interview and Knocking Their Socks Off!

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So, you got the interview and you're all set to really knock their socks off, right? Is fear starting to creep in? Are you starting to freak out just a little bit when you start to think about interviewing for your dream job? Are you afraid that you're going to freeze up or say something stupid? OK, just relax! Here are a few interview tips and tricks that will not only help you to survive the interview process but help you to make the best impression possible so you ace that interview!

Overcoming The Jitters -You really might be your own worst enemy when it comes to interviewing. Although a small case of the jitters or some initial nervousness is normal and expected, if this job is very important to you, it is quite possible that you could put too much pressure on yourself and blow the entire interview. Relieving those jitters is crucial to your success and your entire future. Oops! Did I put too much pressure on you there? Sorry! I do hope that made you laugh and sometimes laughter can help relieve stress and a bad case of the jitters.

A good interview tip to help you overcome the interview jitters is to have a friend or family member interview you a few times before you go for the actual interview. Have them write up a few questions and go over your resume exactly as you would if you were actually being interviewed. This will prepare you for those tough questions about lapses in employment, discussions of your strengths and weaknesses and the all too important "if you could have any superpower what would it be and why" question.

On interview day, try to arrive with plenty of time to spare for your interview. Allow time for unforeseen circumstances like traffic and finding the office and a parking spot. Take a few minutes before you enter the office for the interview to collect yourself and your thoughts. Keep in mind that you were good enough to be called in for an interview and that counts for something, so don't be too hard on yourself.

Interview Prep 101 -While it may seem rather broad, carefully think over all the classic interview questions that might be asked of you and think about how you might answer them. Questions about your employment history, what you liked and disliked about your former places of employment, and instances when you were confronted with different workplace issues are some questions that are bound to be brought up. While you might be tempted to try to go over every possible scenario in your head with every question that an interviewer might ask you, the possibilities are endless, and this is by design.

Many times these days, a good portion of the time spent in the interview will focus on you as a person. Your abilities, your intelligence and your demeanor will be the focus of the interview. After all, if choosing the right person for the job was a matter of who had the most experience then an interview would be a mere formality. Hiring decisions would be based solely upon resumes and you would simply get a phone call saying that you had the job. But it is not resumes that get jobs. People get jobs.

Another vital part of any interview is when you are allowed the opportunity to ask any questions at the end of the interview. This is a nice time to show that you are truly interested in working for the company that you are applying to . Be sure that you have a few questions prepared ahead of time and try to focus on questions that do not have to do with benefits or salary. Try to focus on the corporate culture or history of the company and try doing a little research beforehand to show that you have done some homework yourself. Remember, Google is your friend.

Who Should You Be? - While you might want to give the best possible impression, try to remain personable while still being professional. Be yourself, be prepared, be punctual and be the interviewee that they all remember as being nice, personable and the best fit overall for the position that you are applying for. Remain positive and optimistic and that job will be yours!

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