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Interview Tips - Score in Your Second Interview

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You have made a good impression to the employer in the first interview. So, in the second one, how can you continue scoring?

As for employers, the second interview is the chance they can get closer to the candidates and assess the qualification and professional ability of the candidate more carefully. They want to see if you may be suitable to the job or get on well with the other employees in the company.

Normally, the employers will offer many candidates chances to participate together in a second interview. Therefore, you have to work harder to win over other candidates. To make the employers believe you are most suitable to the job, you should focus on proving your qualification and experience. More specifically, you need to give specific references to your qualification and ability to adapt to new environment.

Who will you meet?
In the first interview, you may meet one or two interviewers. But in this, you will have chance to meet more people. They are managers, colleagues and some other employees. Maybe you will have chance to talk privately with someone, too, and almost of them will ask you the similar questions. Try to answer consistently but also ensure that each answer is interesting to the employers in its own way.
If possible, you should find out about the people you will meet in the company before the interview, and then if you have chance, ask them some question showing that you have known about them. If you are in a panel interview, remember to look at the current interview, and when answering, look around at the whole panel.

If things go well, when the interview is ended, you will be chosen to get the job. However, you should make a polite response to this offer. On the contrary, if you are made any offer, don't forget to say thanks to all the people you have talked.
Some companies give decisions immediately, but some others take weeks to select out the most suitable candidate. Be patient and ready to receive information from the employer.

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