Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Interview Focus - HR Round

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Most people tend to take Human Resources interview questions pretty lightly. Believe me, this is the round that can convince people to hire you. Here are some tips on how to deal with the HR round of interview questions.

The Questions

The questions during this round usually tend to revolve around your work experience. You will be assessed on the number of years of experience you have, the quality of experience and if you have the necessary attitude to fit the new job and the company.

The HR round usually takes place in two steps, the first one being a screening round and the second one being the final round before you are made the offer.

The First HR Round

The first round of HR questions usually pertaining to the number of years of experience that you have and the quality of this. Remember to go through the job description in detail and try to fit your resume to show that you will make a good candidate for the job. The job description is really important since the selection criteria are derived from it.

Do not under any circumstances make up a fib about your experience. Remember that most companies will check on references and check with your previous companies and colleges. If you have taken a break at any point in time, ensure that you give good reasons as to why you took it. 

The Final HR Round

This round will check to see that you are a good company fit. You'll be asked behavioural questions and generally checked for attitude. No matter what you think the company culture is, maintain a sense of professionalism.

The big pay question also comes into this round. Always represent the truth as to what you are earning now and what makes sense for you to move.

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