Sunday, January 20, 2013

Idiotic $100k Interview Mistakes

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Most job career advice professionals concentrate on coaching you on what you should be doing to guarantee your success during interviews for $100k jobs. However the below are a few blunders that you really need to avoid when interviewing for any $100k jobs. Most of them should be obvious, however interviewers never ceased to be amazed at some of the things they are asked or see.
1. If you have to run to an interview for any $100k jobs at another business during your normal lunch hour DO NOT take lunch with you and try to eat during the interview. Definitely not professional and not a way to show you are really interested in the position.
2. Your first questions at any interviews for $100k jobs or any jobs for that matter should not be 'how soon can I take a vacation?', 'do you hire people who smoke?', 'how much is the pay?'. They may be legitimate questions and you may need answers to them but if you really have to ask them in the interview they really need to be at the end of your list.
3. Never park in any of the specially reserved parking spaces when attending interviews for $100k jobs. Parking in the president's spot will get you fired and banned from the office before you even get your foot in the door.
4. While you may think it slick to compliment your interviewer on their appearance as a way to sweeten them up or even if you just think they are really smoking hot it is definitely a bad move. It just breathes lawsuit and sexual harassment issues from the get go.
5. Telling prospective employers for $100k jobs that you are searching for a new position because you just couldn't get along with other employees or are escaping from a psychotic lover at your old job probably isn't going to swing things in your favor. It's about as attractive as saying that getting a job is a requirement of your parole for embezzling your previous employer.
6. Do not answer questions about how you handle certain issues at work with tales of drama at home or what a soap opera your life really is. Surely your interviewer has day time TV and would rather be at home than listening to your sob story.
7. Never, ever, ever answer your cell phone during interviews for $100k jobs. It doesn't matter if your wife is in labor or your kids have just been kidnapped or you are losing a multi-billion dollar deal. There is just no excuse - the phone should be off anyway. If you do answer it, don't be surprised if the interviewer goes into another room, calls your cell and tells you to leave!


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