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How A Woman Should Dress For An Interview

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In the job hunting process, the way in which you are dressed has a direct influence on what the interviewer's first impression of you is. You may be thinking it isn't fair that you are judged by the way you are dressed. And under normal circumstances, you would probably be right. But when it comes to job hunting, you must remember that you are essentially trying to "sell" yourself to potential employers. The very first thing an interviewer will notice about you is your attire. It will also be the subject of the very first judgment he or she will make about you.

An interview is hardly the occasion to make a personal statement about your style. Dressing properly for the interview serves to show the potential employer that you respect the workplace and have a sense of professionalism. While dressing appropriately on its own may not win you the job, it sure can give you an edge over the other candidates. It will also set a positive tone for the rest of the interview.

If you are not sure how you should dress for an interview, your safest bet would be to dress conservatively. However, there are some things you could do to make sure that your dress code matches that of the organization at which you are interviewing. For example, you could make a quick call to the company's human resources department to inquire about their dress code. You could also pay a visit to the company on an information gathering trip and take note of how the women there are dressed. But make sure you don't go there when its "jeans and t-shirt" day or casual Friday.

Dressing properly for an interview does not mean that you have to go out and buy expensive designer label clothes. But you should have at least two good sets of professional clothes in your closet. If you get the job, you will obviously have to invest a little more into to your attire but you can worry about that when the time comes. Here are some additional tips on how a woman should dress for an interview.
  • A woman should wear a business suit to an interview. The suit should fit your body well and you should feel comfortable in it. The length of the skirt should allow you to sit down without having to tug on it or adjust it.
  • Psychological studies have revealed that women have a lot more leeway when it comes to the color of their professional attire. As an alternative to the standard black, grey, or dark blue, you might want to consider wearing brighter colours such as red or green.
  • The colour of your blouse should match well with the color of your suit. The neckline should be on the high side and should not reveal too much skin. Transparent blouses are absolutely unacceptable.
  • Stockings should always be flesh-coloured and you should wear closed shoes that have a dark colour. The heels of your shoes should not be too high.
  • You should avoid wearing excessive jewellery. Any body piercings except for earrings should be taken off. Also, take care not to spray on too much perfume and make sure that your hair is styled neatly and professionally.
On a closing note, remember to check yourself in the mirror of the rest room just before you go in for the interview. Then, take a deep breath, feel good about yourself, and most importantly, smile.


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