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How to Prepare a Proper Thank You Letter For After an Interview

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Interviewing for a job is a big step. There are so many do's and don'ts you must follow in the interview itself, but also after the interview has been completed as well. After interviewing for a job, you should send a thank you letter to the interviewer. This is not only a good rule of thumb for etiquette purposes, but also for keeping your name fresh in the mind of the interviewer. An interview thank you letter may be the deciding factor when it comes to being hired or having the job go to someone else. If you need to create an interview thank you letter, the following tips will help you to do so.

Use Proper Names in the Thank You Letter
When you write a thank you letter to an interviewer, you want to be sure that you use proper names in the letter. Address the recipient in a proper manner. Make sure that you use "Mr." or "Ms.", even if they said, "Call me Bob" at the interview. It is much more professional to use proper names and will make the thank you letter have more of an impression overall.

Keep the Tone Professional
It is also important to keep the tone of the thank you letter professional throughout. Since this is an interview for a job you want to show the interviewer that, if hired, you will take on your new duties with professionalism all the way through. This does not mean that the letter should lack any sentiment, but simply ensure that it is a professional type of sentiment such as thanking the individual greatly for the interview.

Short and To the Point But Inclusive
Thank you letters which are written for the purpose of showing gratitude to someone for an interview should be short and to the point, but inclusive in content. This means that your thank you letter should be no more than one page, but include everything you want to say which will show the recipient that you were happy to receive the interview. This letter should not be a recitation of your job skills and abilities, but simply a way to thank the individual for the interview and remind them that you are quite interested in being selected for the position.

Now that you know the basics of what it takes to prepare a thank you letter after an interview, you are probably ready to get started. If you need some more help putting your thoughts onto paper and would like some ideas on what a proper thank you letter looks like, Here you will find hundreds of personal letter templates, including those thanking


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