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How to Conduct a Performance-Based Behavioral Interview - Hiring Emotionally Intelligent People

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Conducting an effective pre-employment job interview takes a great deal of skill and preparation. You want to interview candidates to assess their technical competence and most importantly their emotional intelligence and social intelligence. A poor hire can cause your company a great deal of money and undue distress for everyone involved.
Key Points for Conducting an Effective Interview:
  • Successful work behavior requires a mixture of job and people skills.
  • The single best predictor of future behavior is candidates' past behavior.
  • Stay focused and conscious.
  • Overcome emotional reactions and remain in control.
  • Listen 80% of the time.

Preparation is key to a successful, effective interview:1. Do a Job Analysis. Identify critical success factors or job-specific competencies.
2. Create a job description based on what work needs to be accomplished.
3. Read candidates' resume and reference letters.
4. Decide how long the interview should take, generally 30-60 minutes.
5. Write job-specific competency questions. Example: Tell me how you have used your computer skills to accomplish a
specific business objective?
6. Write Emotional Intelligence competency questions. Example: Effective team members are able to listen deeply to others and
appreciate what their teammate is experiencing and feeling. Can you tell me about a time when you experienced being able to
truly understand a coworker? (Empathy).
7. Indicate problem behaviors (would cause a competent person to fail) on Job Rating Sheet.
Example: Unable to manage conflict
8. Decide if a work sample is necessary and how the skills should be demonstrated.
9. Incorporate valid, reliable and job-related pre-employment tests.

During the interview procedure:
1. Ask specific job skills and education competency questions that you have prepared.
2. Ask interpersonal skills competency questions. Emotional Intelligence competency questions represent approximately
70 % of any interview, supplemented by other types of questions.
3. Take notes, including any potential problem behaviors.
4. Note areas for personal and career development.
5. Call references.
6. Complete a Hiring Rating Sheet including ratings on general impression, interpersonal skills and job-specific
competencies, work simulation observations, test results, references and recommendations for hire.

Hiring decision:
1. Each member of interviewing team shares analysis of candidates' work-related competencies and other job-related data
with the hiring manager and a final decision is made.


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