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How to Ace a Job Interview - Tips and Tricks

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So here you are, all set for the big interview. What do you do? How do you prepare? Fear not my friend, the answers are right here!

The first and perhaps most important thing you can do for an interview is to learn about the company and prepare for some common interview questions. You'll want to be able to answer the interviewer well if he or she asks, "Why do you want to work here?"

Do a bit of research into the business you're trying to get into, find out what your job would entail on a day-to-day basis. Figure out what skills you need. Basically, you want to learn everything that can be learned about the job before the interview.

When it's time for the interview, make sure you arrive early. Not too early, mind you - five to ten minutes is plenty. Go by the old Army adage: "Early is on time, on time is late." Make sure you bring a copy of your resume with you, along with another sheet of paper with a few references on it (3-5 is plenty).

Something else you'll want to bring is a nice pen. You may not use it, but it always looks good if you have a pen handy. That being said, don't have it hanging out of your shirt pocket or tucked behind your ear. Just have one ready to pull out if you need it. Nothing too flashy, either. I recommend something along the Pilot G-2 07 pen - simple, yet nicer than a normal stick pen. You want something that shows you're serious.
It's important to ask questions during an interview. This shows your interest in the job. Don't ask anything you could have and should have found out on your own though - that's why you did your research on the company to begin with! This is the time for questions like, "What is the work atmosphere like?"

Finally, remain calm! I know you're trying to impress someone, but don't get all worked up. Just be yourself - if you can relax and demonstrate calmly that you're the best person for the job, you'll do just fine.
To recap, make sure you learn about the company and prepare for some common questions. Arrive a bit early and make sure to bring an extra resume, reference sheet and a pen. Ask good questions, keep calm and carry on!

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