Monday, January 21, 2013

Getting Through a Second Round of Interview

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If you are reading this article, this means that you have got through the first round of interview. Congratulations! So now coming to the main point you want to know and prepare yourself for the second gear. Right? Don't worry. Always remember that the second round may be your last chance to get the job. You should also consider that the employers are very serious about your profile as you have being short listed for the second round. The second round of interview is very important; little tough, but if you face the questions with full confidence, the probability of you getting through is high. Though following few tips for the kind of interview questions that will be asked during the interview will make your vision more clear. Here are some expected sample questions:
• Brief us about your past job experience?
• Till date how many jobs you have changed?
• Which was your first job or when was your first encounter with actual work?
• How often have you changed jobs so far?
• What is the reason to change your current job?
• Anything that you would like to know about us or anything else?
Besides only questions, it is more important to know about how to present yourself while answering. Here are some smart tips:
• Value the call you got for the second interview as experts are of the opinion that once you are shortlisted for second round, then you are half way successful.
• Think about your performance in the first round of the interview. Be your own critic and judge yourself. It will help you to be more careful about second round of interview.
• While appearing for the second round of interview, chances are somewhat bright that you are in debate for the job. You can enquire for a copy of the job review and the organization as well.
• The second round of interview can be a lengthy one and time consuming. You may require a whole day as you may need to meet the management staff, executives and the rest of the employees of the company.
• On the other hand you should also be physically fit and sound. You should be in a relaxed mood before going for the actual interview. Enough rest, good dressing is required for a good appearance.
In brief, you can at least ease down yourself and relax after reading some sample tips or interview questions. The more you think, the more you will be nervous. So relax and then go for the interview!


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