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Do's and Don'ts of Successful Interviewing

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Having spent a good number of years within the Staffing Industry, I have come to understand and believe in certain concepts and principles that relate directly to a Successfull Interview. These hold true, irrespective of the Industry, Role, Level of position and Interviewer.

Here they are:
Get there on Time - actually a couple of minutes before time. Not too early since you might appear to be desperate and definitely not late. Hopefully I do not have to say why. Obviously you are disrespecting the Interviewer's time by strolling in late. In case you are stuck in traffic, please call and apologize. On meeting with the interviewer, please apologize again to break the ice.

Dress Professionally - it is always a pleasure interviewing a candidate that is professionally attired. What I mean by that is appropriate clothing. It does not matter if the company follows a Casual Dress Code or it is Casual Friday. You are there to conduct serious business and hence you must appear to be so.
Smokers Beware - make sure that you do not have a smoke before the interview. You may not understand or realise, that as soon as you walk in, you blast the environment with the smell of your cigarette. Very annoying and discomforting and more so in the case of your interviewer being a Non smoker.

Perfumes/Deodorant - aha! this is another No Brainer. Please for God's sake, do not sport a very strong and powerful perfume or scent. Since most interviews are held behind closed doors, you might choke the interviewer. Use a very soft lingering perfume and for those with B.O(Body odor) - you must use a Deodorant. There is no option here.

Pleasing Demeanour - You are interviewing for a potential position in that company. Be happy about the fact and let it show. Smile. This is the least you can do to make it appear that you are excited about the opportunity, inspite of your nervousness and anxiety. Interviewers understand that and will make a conscious attempt to make you feel comfortable at the beginning of the interview. Making use of ice breakers yourself is even better - like the weather, traffic, sports etc. Keep it relevant though. Companies today want to hire candidates that are energetic and enthusiastic.

Express yourself - Most candidates interviewing nowadays, use cliches and standard replies for questions asked. This is not going to work with a seasoned and trained interviewer. Be yourself and answer questions that reflect the true you. Please note that it is the true you that is going to work with the company and not the projected you. Remove the mask. Enjoy the interview.

Ask for the Job - at the end of the discussion, you may get a feel as to how it went. In case it went very well, share your interest and excitement and ask for the job directly eg. When can I start? Is there anything else you need to know from me before I start? I know it is a bold statement to make, but it works, believe me. In the event that it did not go as per your expectations, ask for the next steps in the process eg. Where do we go from here? How many more interviews will there be? By when can I expect a response?
In addition to the above mentioned simple principles, there are a lot more skills and techniques that will help you get closer to the job, however these are guaranteed to build a positive framework - within which your specific skills and experiences will help further to create an amazing interview.

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