Thursday, January 17, 2013

4 Tips for the U.S F1 Visa Interview Preparation - Success Notes For Indian Applicants

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Book your appointment early - It is important to get your interview appointment as soon as you have decided on your university and when you get your I-20. The I-20 is a key document required for the issuance of the F1 Visa. Also do remember that you take your appointment for the F1 Visa interview well in advance so that you can leave for your destination early. You will thus have enough time on your hands to settle in (because there is a lot to be done once you have landed in the USA) before the actual start of your academic program. And delay in itself produces stress that you may want to avoid under all circumstances.
Get organized and stay planned – The second step towards F1 Visa interview preparation is to make a checklist of all key documents and ensure that they are all in hand. Buy a document bag with several sections in it. It will be the most useful tool towards getting organized. Also laminate as many original documents and certificates as possible - it will thus become safe to carry them. It will also be a good idea to scan all your originals and retain more than one copy. (Please note that scanned copies are of no use during the F1 Visa interview; however scanned copies make good backup and are extremely handy should you happen to misplace any of your originals

Confidence and Clarity matters – The F1 Visa interview usually lasts for 3 to 15 minutes. The timing may vary depending on your Visa officer. He/She is primarily concerned about your seriousness towards career goals. Do not lie or exaggerate to the officer about your past or your goals for he is sure to see through the farce. Being honest and clear of your achievements and aims in life will only help you to get through your interview successfully. Our F1 Visa experts in mumbai conduct extensive trial interviews to ensure student comfort and confidendce.

Good Communication Matters! You will be required to answer all F1 Visa Interview questions in English –the official language of the United States. Stay confident and crispy in your communications. Do not become so nervous as to stammer and speak in grammatically incorrect English.

Be clear about your career goals - Full and specific clarity of your career goals will definitely give you the confidence to handle related queries. And at the same time, the F1 Visa issuing officer does get the window to trust you since he knows where you are headed to and specifically for what means. You have to realize that he has limited time to judge you with a flurry of U.S F1 applicants from India - so you had better be sharp, confident, well-prepared and honest. America is known to operate on "first trust" policy but of course with their own cautions. Build it right at the first step and have a successful F1 Visa interview!

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